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Custom Database Applications for your Website

Whether you organization uses Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, MS Access, MySQL or DBase3, they are only useful if you can extract the right data out of them. For reporting, data point charting or just a simple Excel export, getting the right data out of your database can be difficult. If you can't access your data when and where you need it, it simply won't be used.

Database Migration

Database Migration

Engineering a database platform change can be a very daunting task. From different language constructs to simple data access operations, the entire data map needs to be examined. We can assist in picking the proper platform now, but one that will also scale with your organization over time.

Legacy Systems

Legacy Database Systems

We specialize in managing legacy systems such as DBase and Fox Pro. Whether you need help migrating to a new platform or just getting data out of your old system, we can help you plan out all legacy system changes. Our data mapping process allows us to identify any issues before the transition to the new database platform

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Scaling Upwards

Scaling Upwards

Outgrowing your current platform? Still using Excel to manage customer data? If you have more data than you know what to do with, it might be time to scale your database platform. We can assist in selected the right platform for your business and migrating the data seamlessly to avoid interrupting operations.

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