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Website Integration with Quickbooks and Peachtree

All organizations have accounting system to track bank accounts, credit cards and receivables, but what if your orders, invoices and customers were integrated into your accounting system and your website or intranet. Immediate access to customer data for your sales team, orders from your website download directly into your accounting system and customer invoices can be made available in their online account. You can become as fully integrated as needed for your organization.

Why Integrate?

Why Integrate?

Why should you integrate your systems? The simple answer is time and money. By integrating order processing, you no longer have to manually enter customer orders, freeing up order processing staff to do other tasks. Not only will orders arrive directly into your system, keying errors will be eliminated and order accuracy greatly improved.

Unlock the Power of Quickbooks

Unlock the Power of Quickbooks

Quickbooks from Intuit is the most common small business accounting platform. Many companies still enter orders and invoices one at a time. Quickbooks can be fully integrated with your order fulfillment engine, shipping system, website and any other system that touches your orders.

Improve Data Quality

Customer Relationship Management

Your customer information is very valuable, not only to your sales reps, but to your customer service team and the customers themselves. By making this information available via your intranet to sales reps and customer service teams you can increase efficiency by putting the data in the hands of the people that use it. You can even offer your customer the ability to update their information online and the changes will route to your accounting/CRM platform.

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