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System Integration and Custom Website Programming

You have different systems for your website, offline orders, accounting platform and your order fulfillment engine. If they don't all connect, you can be losing efficiency and order accuracy. We can have all your orders flow from your website, to your order fulfillment engine to the accounting platform will just one click.

Accounting Platforms

Accounting Platforms

We support Quickbooks, Peachtree and many other common accounting platforms. Our order integration system allows orders to flow automatically from your website to your order processing system for fulfillment, then to quickbooks or peachtree for your accounting department.

Manage Your Content

Application Programming Interfaces (APIs)

Simply put, an application programming interface allows one program to talk to another. We specialize is working with all APIs, from credit card and payment providers, custom XML APIs, customer lookups and all other integrated systems.

Improve Data Quality

Database Management

Database management is critical in every organization. Whether managing a list or customers for marketing purposes or a list of donors for sending thank you notices, all data needs to be stored, presented and updated. We can help you manage your data to optimize efficiency while still getting you the data you need.