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Process Change

Do you have procedures and processes that just don't seem to make sense? Do you wonder why it's done that way? When a process is developed and never evolves beyond that first step, it can be passed from person to person over time and maintain it's rigid procedure. It never changes or improves because it's always been done that way. We can help organizations improve efficiency and realize cost savings simply by changing how they complete a procedure. We apply technology to a procedure to make it easier, more efficient or automate it entirely.

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We Ask Why

We Ask Why

When we look at your existing process we start asking questions, such as why is it done this way? Once we understand why a procedure is done a certain way it is easier to understand the process behind it. At one point there may not have been a way to look up a customer record electronically, but now there is. Maybe the report is generated and printed? Could the report be automated and delivered by email or fax when ready? These are the types of questions we ask to help re-engineer the process.

Communication is Key

Change is Hard

Change can be a difficult thing. Staff members may fear change or be nervous about new policies. There may even be resistance to the change. We specialize in educating your team members on why the procedure is changing and what the new procedure with entail. Training classes and detailed materials are be offered to ensure a smooth transition.

It's a Matter of Quality

What's my ROI?

We work with your team to compute the labor-hours savings per task, per month and over the next few years (projected). By computing the time saved by using our new process we guarantee that the process will pay for itself and we will show you how soon that can be.

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