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Mobile Website Design

Did you know that over 25% of website traffic from mobile devices? If your website isn't mobile enabled you could be missing up to 25% of your visitors. So what are your options?

Web Design

Responsive Design

Responsive design started several years ago as a way to display one site in many devices. From PCs, tablets, phones and laptops. Responsive sites also automatically adjust from wide to narrow if a tablet is turned on it's side. When viewing the site in a phone, menus, graphics and text automatically scale to fit the most optimal layout of the device.

Web Design

Mobile-only Design

A mobile-only design is a separate website that users are automatically directed to when visiting your website from a mobile device. This option is great for organizations that have existing website and simply want a limited mobile presence. If you are looking for just a handful of pages this is quick and simple way to get a mobile site setup. Typically they can be launched in less than one week.

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